8 Jul 2010, 6:10am
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    As some may know I moved back to my “old neighborhood” three years ago. When my mother’s health was fading I decided to move back and bought the 4-family in which I grew up.

    Now when I walk the streets I see a pastry shop with two sets of eyes and ears – a young boy’s and a grown man’s. It is vitally important to me to balance the boy’s memory with what is there before me NOW.

    Why you may ask? Why not be nostalgic?

    Because memory can be a very limiting factor. Instead of being a help, memory can enslave you.

    I heard it again this afternoon, passing one of the pastry shops. Three men in their early to mid-sixties were sitting enjoying  coffee. And the memories were rolling on.

    “I remember we used to take the #26 bus down to West Farms. They used to have some great bands at those dance halls. And the girls! We used to dress up . . . ”

    So far so good. Then . . .

    “Not today. They don’t do this any more. Today they’re like blah blah blah. . .”

    Memory has obliterated Now.

    When you experience something, details are recorded in your memory and from that you draw conclusions and you’re convinced you know something or what it’s like. As a result you believe your experience is the gospel truth and consequently your experience never changes.

    You live that over and over again thus remaining at the mercy of your beliefs, especially the belief that there is no way out – or back. You have never been able to realize that your thoughts gave birth to the experiences that enslave you.

    Stated more eloquently by George Lavenia, “Your experiences in life are a reflection of your ideas and your beliefs.”

    There is nothing but NOW and it is a gift which is why it is called the Present.

    Why not choose to create a reality that works, rather than one that doesn’t?

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