1 Aug 2011, 10:54pm
Spirit and Money What It Takes To Win

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    The video below has been around for a while – over 347,000 views – but it is so funny it stills makes me laugh out loud. 

    Just as interesting was a comment equating capitalism with being a pyramid scheme. And suggesting that the solution is socialism.  The shame of it is that many people believe capitalism to be so, not understanding that what they criticize is NOT capitalism but criminal behavior.

    Here are the main points of the comment thread as of today.

    • capitalism is a pyramid scheme. solution = socialism.
    • what you’re describing isn’t capitalism, it is criminal behavior. the problem is that in the common imagination rich = dishonest and so the cry becomes ‘kill the rich’ or the excuse becomes ‘we’re poor but we’re honest’
    • you have yet to realise that capitalism is criminal behaviour, but has gone on as the norm for so long that it isn’t looked on as such any more. if you honestly think that the top 1% in the world works harder than the bottom 80% living in poverty, have fun in your land of delusion.
    • michael, you have a bad habit of not knowing how to argue a point. for example, where did you get the idea that I ever entertained such numbers? And you suggest that I live in a land of delusion? You entertain the misguided idea that all rich people are dishonest. Let me guess, you believe money is dirty and you don’t have much of it. What a surprise!

    People fail in business as well as in life because they create themselves as obstacles, mainly by holding false and injurious beliefs. This accomplishes nothing except the thwarting of their plans. And the fulfillmentof their predictions of doom.

    Then they can claim they are “poor but honest”.

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