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  • Where Are Your Dreams?

    I woke up a few mornings ago with that phrase running, singing through my mind. Groggily I grabbed a voice recorder and captured this:

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Are you feeding them? If not, they’ll avoid you. They’ll go some place where they are fed.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? 

    Are you taking care of them? Are you serving your dreams? If not, they’ll go to someone who will treat them better.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Dreams are living things. They need sustenance. They need care. They need attention and love. If you don’t give them sustenance, care, attention and love, they’ll find someone who will.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Your dreams are sensitive things. They know when they’re being slighted. They know when you’re paying them lip service.

    They’ll never come. They’ll never come true if you don’t give them what they need.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?  Where are your dreams?

    Are your dreams in prison? Have you locked them up? Have you put them away saying, “One day, one day they’ll come true”? Your dreams will fly away if they don’t FEEL they’ll come true.

    Don’t lock up you dreams.

    Don’t ignore your dreams expecting that they’ll always be there.

    Don’t take your dreams for granted.

    FEED them. SUSTAIN them. EXERCISE them. Give your dreams what they need & they’ll grow & come true.

    Then you’ll know where your dream is ’cause it will always come back to you, it’ll never go far. It’ll stay where it’s being taken care of.

    Where is your dream? Where is your dream? Where is your dream?

    Your dream is like an egg. If there’s a crack in it when placed in hot water, it’ll explode & your egg, your dream, will leak out. The container will be breached and it will not be true.

    Where are you holding your dream? In a waterproof, crackproof container that can withstand the boiling hot waters of negativity and naysayers and doubters?

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Have you accessed them yet? Are they where you can play with them, live with them, work with them?

    Are they accessible to you? Or do you put them away in a safeplace for safekeeping for a safer time?

    Where are your dreams?

    There’s only one thing your dreams need to stay alive . . .

    FEED  them ACTIONS. Your Actions. Your Dedicated Passionate Actions.

    Action & Attention. That’s all your dreams need. And they’ll come . . . 

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