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Successful Networking What It Takes To Win:

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    When I was a boy of 11 – 12 years, besides baseball and the building of model airplanes and ships, my attention was increasingly being captured by girls. My sister, being 3 years older than I, was equally interested in her opposite sex and my mother would accuse her of being ‘boy crazy’ although it wasn’t true. My sister was a consistently good student who wanted a social life as well.

    My mother used to use a phrase which initially struck me as odd. She would say something along these lines: “I met Jo in the grocery store today and she said her daughter Maria is keeping company with John so-and-so.”

    “Keeping company with” was to my ears a curious phrase and one I do not think people use anymore.

    The word ‘company’ to my 12 year old ears meant one of two things. There was a company of soldiers headed by a captain and there was a company in business that made and sold things.

    Oh yes, one more usage. My mother would say, “We’re having company this Saturday night so you kids will eat early before our guests arrive.”

    Now, today, it doesn’t take much to see that ‘company’ in the last three examples means a group of people with a common purpose in mind, from fighting an enemy to doing business to having a good time.

    But ‘keeping company with’ still is strange to my ear unless I consider this – unless I consider who I associate with today, in business, in competition and in fellowship

    When I joined my previous network marketing companies, I was in business but I was totally alone. I experienced no common association, no sense of collegiality, no sense of common purpose. It is quite fair to say that I was IN a company but was not keeping company WITH anyone.

    I just finished reading Napoleon Hill’s OUTWITTING THE DEVIL. Written in 1938 he made it explicitly clear that the book was not to be published while he was alive due to the controversial nature of the material. His heirs obviously felt the same way because though Hill died in 1970, the book has only just been published, finally, this year – 2011.

    There is just so much good material in this book that I am tempted to start sharing just about all of it, so I’ll stick with my title here and use one of Hill’s most crucial teachings.

    We humans are influenced by our environment to such an extent that we are reluctant to admit it because to do so would be to admit how powerless we so often make ourselves. By surrendering power we consequently make others have dominion over us.

    However, we are not totally powerless. We are able to save ourselves and exercise a real degree of self-determination when it comes to our environment.

    How? What can we do? We can choose who to associate with, or in other words, who we ‘keep company with’ because by environment Hill means EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around us.         

    If you are in a network marketing company and you are not living your dream or fulfilling the promises made to you, please ask yourself, “Who am I keeping company with? Who am I in business with from CEO and upline to downline?”

    Finally if you would like some free mentoring in this regard please email me at tony@ajlauria.

    I would be honored.

    PS: If you don’t know who and what your CEO and upper management are and are up to, you might want to read


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