“Why do I have to learn that?”: an MLM Tip from Big Al . . .

“Give me a break . . .

“So I was giving the “Skills Test” to a potential leader. He couldn’t answer a single one of the 10 skills needed to get a new distributor started. Ouch. “When I asked him if he was going to learn how to do this business, he said,

“Why do I have to learn that? I have a good attitude and I have goals. That’s all I should need. I don’t want to bother learning how to do this business.”

“Well, it is hard to learn to spell if you refuse to learn the alphabet.

** If you can’t share with your new distributor four or five great opening sentences that get prospects to beg you for a presentation, what chance does your new distributor have to get presentations?

** If you can’t write down word-for-word exactly what to say to get an instant appointment, should you let your distributor just make something up and hope for the best?

** If you don’t tell your new distributor the three real reasons people join, will he leave those reasons out of his presentation?

** If you don’t show your new distributor the two ways of creating “instant vision” – how will your new distributor keep his team motivated?

** If you don’t give your new distributor three or four great, rejection-free closing sentences, won’t your new distributor be afraid of closing?

** If you don’t teach your new distributor the “needs vs. wants” principle, won’t your new distributor get discouraged quickly?

** If you don’t teach your new distributor the exact words to say to take control of the prospect’s mind to get his total attention, won’t the message go unheard?

“So if you are a new distributor reading this newsletter, go to your upline’s training and learn these skills. Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame the weather, say you are too tired, that you are busy petting the stray cat you just bought … just go to your upline’s training sessions and learn. “And if you are a leader reading this newsletter, give your new distributors the skills they need right away. Don’t let them struggle. Write down exactly word-for-word what your new distributors should say and do. “Anyone can do this business easily if they just say the right words and do the right things.”


If you are in the New York tri-state area and you have finally arrived at the point where you realize

“I DO have to learn that . . .”

Come join us as we present Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter on Monday, April 9th from 7:15 – 10:00 pm: How To Get Your Prospects to Say YES Immediately!

We’ll be at the Ripley-Grier Studios, located at 520 8th Avenue & 36th Street, in Studio 16F, on the 16th Floor.

The cost is just $20 at the door but you can get a 50% discount by RSVPing at the Meetup site.

There is NO COST to join at http://MLMskillsforsuccess.com

And please take note that NO recruiting, promoting or selling is permitted at our Meetups. We have created a space where network marketers can come together without the onrush of the typical feeding frenzy and where you can SAFELY bring your downline and prospects.

Any questions? Contact me: tony@ajlauria.com

The discount applies only to ALL who respond and get on our RSVP list.

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