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  • Why MLM

    In a few words, because it is NOT selling your way to owning your life. And because it is the fastest way.

    Though most people like to buy, we do not like to be sold. And most people certainly don’t like to sell. I freely admit that I fall into this category of ‘Most People’.

    Consider our human behavior. Pay attention to the next time your sales alarm goes off. You know what this is. It’s when you’re listening to someone and you cross your arms without realizing it and wish this person would ‘just stop, you know, because, you know, they’re going to be asking for your money real soon! You know. Arrggh!’

    So why in the world are so many Network Marketers selling instead of marketing?

    Mostly because they are inexperienced and don’t understand the difference so have confused the two into one. And that’s most likely due to a loss of their own original motivating Desire or Vision.

    Network Marketers make the biggest mistakes of their careers and assure rejection whenever they slip, all too often unconsciously, into sounding and acting like salespeople.

    They commit the deadliest mistake by becoming Multi-Level Sellers.

    Please consider this: as long as the product your company sells is legitimate and retails at a competitive price, it really doesn’t matter what it is. That’s right, it really doesn’t matter what it is.

    And you don’t have to love it either. In fact, this is very often another trap many MLMers fall into. Just because YOU love your product, should you believe your prospects have to do the same and get others to do the same, while believing this is the way to success?

    If and when they do they resort to uninformed and unskilled selling.

    And the sales alarm goes off in the prospect’s mind and their arms get crossed and their eyes glaze over. And there is no recruitment and the downline is bare.

    If you are in MLM please remember something:

    Remember WHY you got into it in the first place. And remember WHAT about it appealed to you and WHAT your vision was and what you wanted to get out of it.

    It was NOT potions or lotions, vitamins or calling plans, time-share properties or vacations. Those are important, certainly, but . . .

    What appealed to you, what motivates you now, what gets them to join the opportunity in the first place is the same thing that got you: the promise of freedom.

    The Dream of Owning Your Life.

    It is that simple. It Is the promise of having the TIME and the MONEY.

    Too many, way too many, Network Marketers forget these FREEDOMS that got them dreaming and got them going.

    And more harmful to the health of their dreams, they forget that this is exactly what will motivate others to join them in their own pursuit.

    Painfully, regrettably, instead of Marketing the Freedom they sell vacations. Or sell greeting cards. Or sell legal services. Or sell jungle juice instead.

    And they wonder why they’re struggling?

    As marketers we must focus on the Want not the Need. Keep in Mind:

    “They need our MLM opportunity because they want the Freedom.”

    Market the Freedom.

    Market the Vision.

    Market the Dream.

    Once done your prospects sell themselves.

    That’s why MLM, when done right, is the most direct route to an individual’s dream of owning his or her own life.

    Need the necessary skills? It would be my pleasure and honor to assist you in any way possible.

    You can reach me at tony@ajlauria.com

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