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  • Why the Crèche Gives So Many the Creeps

    Well it is that time of year again when instead of practicing what the season is about, namely peace and good will towards all humankind, the antagonists are out in force.

    Of course you know the basics of this argument. But rather than rehash all the polemics on freedom of speech and separation of church and state, I would rather take up another angle to this issue. A metaphysical one on what I believe makes so many nervous when viewing the Nativity.

    Take a look and ask yourself what you see.

    What I see are people. Human beings adoring a newly born baby.

    My niece delivered a beautiful baby daughter a little over a year ago and every time I have been around her and the baby and the family, guess what? Everyone, including me, is going goo-goo over the baby.

    Yes, adoring her.

    Her beauty, her promise, her innocence, her helplessness, her need for love and protection and care. Adoring it all and real-izing our individual responsibility to her.

    The characters in the image above are human beings doing exactly the same but in a so-called religious depiction. But just exactly what makes it religious?

    There are only two major religions that venerate a once living human being: Buddhism and Christianity.

    The Buddha and the Christ. The Enlightened One and the Anointed One.

    The esoteric message of the Nativity is not simply the birth of a child some 2,000 years ago, but the birth of a new humanity – the real-ization of the divinity of each and every one of us.

    Sad to say, yet I believe that too many of us refuse to admit and embrace the living divinity among us that we encounter daily. Even in ourselves. It’s just too much work to have to deal with others – and ourselves – with so much respect.

    The Nativity makes so many nervous because it is too graphic a reminder of a gross collective neglect carried out planet-wide and across time.

    But give us time. A minority now living among us believes that the message of compassion and love for our fellows on the planet, a message first appearing some thousands of years ago, will enjoy its full real-ization some thousands of years in the future.

    We, now living, are simply charged with keeping that evolutionary possibility alive by practicing it to the best of our individual ability.

    It is that responsibility that gives too many the creeps when they gaze upon the scene of the Crèche. 

     Merry Christmass.

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